So, You want to start your own pirate radio station.

You can do it for $100.00 or less.

I have done alot of research in this area. So im somewhat knowledgeable
on this subject. And I How To do it both Legal Like and Illegal Like .

First off: You need at least two things:

About Mr.Microphone:

Mr. Microphone offers both these features in a small package.
But you won't transmit past 300 yards at best.
You will be legal with mr.microphone.

For those who are serious about becomming a pirate broadcaster:

A little package from Smart Kit Electronics offers the same benifits
as mr.microphone; except:
1). It's not packaged up all pretty to look like a microphone.
2). You will not be legal. You will be verry illegal

The Smart Kit 1009 FM TRANSMITTER:

This Transmitter will do 1 to 2 watts depending on how much power
( 9 - 30 vdc 400ma) you deliver to it.
This is provideing that you make a proper solder bridge (not shown on instructions) if needed.
Look at the back of the board at the main antenna connection jumper & you will figure it out.

A 9 volt radio battery is fine for about 1 watt.

12 Volts is better

I now reccomend a lawn & garden or a motorcycle battery but...

If you connect two 6 volt lantern batteries in series
(connect the negative from battery a to the positive of battery b)
you will have a long-life 12 volt battery for your transmitter.
This is much smaller, lighter, safer and easier than trying to carry a car battery.
Eveready also makes a 12v lantern battery in two flavors classic and energizer.

You Can Use Alligator Clips
to connect the transmitter to
the battery.

The 1009 FM with
the alligator clips
and a 5/8 wave
dipole antenna
made of wire.

The 5/8 wave dipole is 2 wires (about 5 foot 11 inches each) soldered directly to the transmitters antenna connection lugs.
The transmitter itself is part of the antenna, it has no RF Shielding and will be mounted in a plastic box.

*I used to reccomend attaching a microphone with
plenty of mic wire to the transmitter.

*I Don't reccomend this anymore as the mic cable
effects the range of the transmitter in a bad way.

Im not saying that an electronics expert couldn't develop a feed useing diodes or something but...

Stick with the condenser mic that comes with the kit
mounted directly to the circuit board.
Place a speaker inside your inclosure and run the wire from
this speaker. Not from the transmitter itself.

Adjust the trimmer (VR 1) so that the mic isn't so sensitave.

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