Wizard of Oz - Hanging Munchkin (Did the short person really get hanged???) UPDATE:
I recently got alot of email asking for more specific help finding the hanging munchkin.
At first I was begenning to think that maybe I had been just seeing things, but a few
of the emails refered to "the vhs" or "the tape" or the "old version". So I grabbed my
copy of "the new version" and put it in my vcr. Sure enough, the tv dont show the whole
picture like the dvd player on the computer does. The scene is still there however, and
you can see a part of this little person that appears to be hanging in the background.
So in reply to all those questions comming in (too numerous to reply to via email), I have
updated this page. Hopefully the additional information will help everybody find this
mysterous hanging munchkin scene in the Wizard of Oz.

Yes the hanging scene is there!
No it's not a bird or a sand bag.
It is a real person swaying.

She is a munchkin (not a bird) and she appears to
be hanging by the neck by a rope, cord or a cable as
she sways back and forth in the munchkinland scene.

I have heard about this hanging scene in "The Wizard of Oz"
(c 1939) By MGM from many sources. And although everyone
that claims that there is a hanging in the movie seems to
have a different idea about just who was hung and how they
were hanged. Most do agree however that the hanging scene
Is somewhere along the yellow brick road. -Wrong!-

Forget the scene when Dorothy, the scarecrow, and the Tin Woodsman
are marching down the yellowbrick road and singing "We're off to
see the wizard, The wonderful Wizard of oZ...It's a bird!

The *real hanging scene takes place in Munchkinland!
I have watched this scene over and over trying to convince
myself that the woman is not hanging from somekind of rope
or cable. It seems like the more i watch that errie scene
the more it looks like like she is swaying back and forth
maybe suspended by a rope. maybe even by a rope around the neck.

I don't want to believe that the classic childrens movie
The Wizard of Oz contains a real to life death scene, but the
more i watch it, the more conciveable this idea becomes.

This particular part of the movie contained maybe hundreds
of little people (the Munchkins) who were already complaining
that they were under paid. The idea that MGM could'nt afford to
do a retake. Or maybe the Munchkins refused to come back and
do the reshoot for MGM because of the fact that Toto the dog
got paid more than they did. Maybe it was a secret protest
statement ("If im not worth the pay of a dog - i'd rather die)
that made it past the editors and into the theators and into
millions (uuh- forgot TV) billions of homes over the past
fifty three (53) years.

I can't say for sure if the hanging scene is realy a
hanging munchkin
although im now a believer.
But what i can do is tell you where to find the poor
little person swaying back and forth with no expression
on her face.
The only movements she makes is back and forth
not exactly side to side like the rest of the actors.
Not even swaying at the hips like a dance but more like a swing.

Look in the horse scene (in munchkinland) when Dorothy first
boards the coach (white wagon). look just over the top of the
drivers hat and a little to the right all the way in the rear
of the set. The person in the very back row. The ONLY person
in the very back row. The one that seems to sway to the others
and then back agan at an angle diffrently than everyone else.

The photo above shows the munchkin as she sways up to the next row.
( The red arrow points to the bottom of the munchkins skirt.)

The Photo below shows her as she has swayed to the very back.

The sinister part about this is that it's during the "We Thank You" rhyme:
"We thank you verry sweetly,
 for doing it so neatly,
 You've killed her so completely,
 that we thank you verry sweetly."
"Let the joyous news be spread"

If syncronized with PinK Floyd the lyrics are:
"Money, It's a crime ..."
I accidently told somebody to look top right on the tv. Look TOP CENTER just to the LEFT

DVD/PC vs VHS/TV: Look here for a simulated tv shot.

Now I just hate to be the one to debunk the debunkers, but...
I finally got a 1/2 decent video capture tool. My video is lo-res, so it might affect this clip.
Now the Whole Wide World can see the little munchkin hanging. Use the top photo as a reference,
the red arrow in that photo points to the bottom of her skirt. Put your media player on repeat when
you play the file.
Download hanging_munchkin.wmv (in zip format) and decide for yourself.

Im not saying that this munchkin is hanging.
Im not saying that she's swinging.
Im only saying that it looks like this to me.

Get out your copy of The Wizard of Oz and judge for yourself.

BTW: If anyone knows (for sure) where the other hanging scenes
are found in the movie please email me oz@gigdig.com
I want to see all the other ones too. except the bird.

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