*Just a Note


Here are my thoughts regarding software that shoves ads at you,
"phones home" to its developer with information about you,
your surfing habits, what links you click on...in other words
defecates all over your right-to-privacy and does it in the name of
free software...


Spyware sux. I will not link to it, I would not
list it, except to provide a service/statement to the
effect that people shouldn't download it. In fact, I have
decided to come out against ALL ad-supported
software and will begin systematically removing
the links to it from my site. If you find a program
that is ad-supported and /or "phones home"...please let
me know so I can note it as spyware, and remove its
download link, replacing the link with this:

To report such a program, please go here.

Additionally I would like to call your attention
to a couple of programs that will work for <you>
to disable or remove spyware programs you may
have inadvertantly installed and which, despite
your uninstalling them may still be reporting your
actions/movements/likes and dislikes to their
masters. These programs are Ad-Aware and
Spyblocker, both of which are available on
my Security page.

Thank you all,