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AdWare Sucks!!!
This is my "I Hate Ad-Ware" page.
It's still under development but i have a few things to say.

IMPORTANT: Always check for new updates for your lavasoft ad-aware.

ADWARE should be considered TROJANS!!!
It most often downloads itself (Gator to name an old one)
Then it spies on you and serves popup ads related to
the pages you surf on the www.

Windows 10 has complicated things too!
Thats why I am in the process of revamping this page.

So this page is disorganized until I get all bugs out of Windows 10.

Go to Lavasoft for the meanwhile
and download AD-AWARE, then,
go here to download spybot-S&D.
Both programs are free.
Avast The free version is a good tool.
Hitman Pro found and removed a few things that Avast didn't.
malwarebytes found a few things that AdAware didn't Get it Here.

All the tools listed above need to be used (at least once).
And... You should check for rootkits once in a while also.
TDSSKiller is what i use to check for rootkits on windoze boxes.

Windows 10 users:
After you have put all those tools to work for you,
and after you have cleaned all the bugs from your system...
You should read Windows 10 and Privacy and tweak your settings.
Then download spybot-anti-beacon to finish turning off Win-10's nasties.

My Windows 10 test setup
is nearly 10 years old
so i uninstalled AdAware
and Avast...
Then I set Malwarebytes
so it doesn't run at boot.
This basically leaves me
using Windows Defender
with Malwarebytes as an
on demand AV scanner.
Hopefully you have more
processing power and RAM
than i do and don't have
to resort to such
Drastic Measures!
I do reinstall and scan with
AdAware and Avast weekly.
Then simply uninstall them
to free up system resources.

If you have a Windows 7 / 8.x Computer:
Grc's Never10 can prevent Windows 10 from installing itself on your system.
Much easier than babysitting the Windows 7 box used for video production.

After you have windows stabilized and locked down...
You will probably want a decent (and light) anti-virus scanner...

*** XP - Windows 10 users: Kaspersky Antivirus 91 day trial program
press [shift] + [F5] then [shift] + [F12] to switch from french to english.

I am still working verry hard on putting these pages togeather.
There are some new adware culprits that ad-aware can't remove
and they download without your knowledge from an innocent looking
webpage. Once they download they execute themselves and then start
downloading plugins. Avast helps with those.

They are a bleeping menace!!!
The adware does stuff like mess up your DNS resolution.
It's a real pain when you type in and get's page!!!

Some links are broken now. Some now point to an archive mirror the original content.
Alternatively, i still try to update the broken links if the pages have simply moved.
PS: Use CAUTION! Some of these once usefull applications may have gone commercial.
My current thought is that many of these links could have implemented their own spyware devices.
Be careful out there!


You will see no ads while I am actively maintaining this page.

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