Well i did this page as an experiment.
I equipted my laptop with a cellphone
modem adapter.

I had to connect via cellphone because
i lived really far out at the time.

My old Homeplace

And I still do...

My new Homeplace

They Have internet at the library
but it's fifteen miles away

My goat ain't quiet big enough
to carry me there and back.

My Goat

AT least at my new place
i have a small barn to
shelter my animals
from the weather

My Barn

It's not really a barn but
there is enough room for
my rabbit, guinis & goat

My Rabbit & Guinis

I once had two rabbits but i got hungry.

While i still find my old life amusing
i made this page a long time ago.

I know some of you just can't imagine
a cellphone without a built in browser,
but cellphones were analog back then,
and connecting to the internet over
a cellphone was considered a hack
back when first authored this page.

I salvaged this page from an old floppy disk i still had laying around.
The information for hacking a celluar phone to work with dialup internet is now obsolete.

I'll tell you how to connect via cellphone
as soon as i get a new card for my NOKIA.