Free Bitcoin Site List Updated 4/17/2014

The following is a list of my favorite sites that give away free bitcoins.

The reason these are my favorite free bitcoin sites is because your payments
are sent within 8 hours of your total pending amount reaching 0.000055 BTC.
Go all the way down the list & come back to the top every 30 minutes.
Each link will open in a new tab/window.

You can use these free bitcoin sites every 30 minutes: ** Gives an ERROR message but it pays as long as the captcha is correct.

When you finish with the above links you can click here and here to check your progress.
Some of the links above are found on the Bit Chest site, and you could click them from there,
but coinbox doesn't have any links to free bitcoin sites. So I built this page to streamline things.
I found it would be more convenient to have all of the links that I know of on one page.

Understand... you aren't going to get rich by grabbing bitdust... but every little bit adds up.